Two Special Announcements!

As the Chinese saying goes, ‘good things come in pairs’. I do have two pieces of good news to share with you!


1) My landlord has been very kind to agree to let me use his storefront for two more weeks. Thus, my Christmas Pop Up Store will now be open every Saturday and Sunday, until the week before Christmas (Dec 18 is the last day). I hope this new date will allow more people to come in and see my lavender and Ed Pinaud 5th Element Aromatic diffuser products!

2) The amazing Kappukeki cupcake company has designed a special set for LavenderByLeslie! Lovely mini cupcakes in boxes of 6, each with three creamy flavors: lavender, blueberry & concord grapes, and vanilla bean. All buttercream is naturally flavored and colored, less-sweetened, and very moist. Great for parties anf gift giving! Please pre-order at, or my Facebook page!


2 thoughts on “Two Special Announcements!

  1. Hello!
    I did not have a chance to come back to your stores on Dec 18. Is it still possible for me to purchase another eye pillow and a bottle of the essential oil? Please let me know.

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